As a creative entrepreneur or business owner, your brand is as unique as you are. You need images that show your personality, and inspire your dream clients to work with you. Stunning photography is essential to building a polished, professional identity that conveys the value of your work, and gets your brand noticed.

We know that photo shoots
can cause anxiety about everything from what to wear and where to shoot. 


Our goal is not just to deliver the best photos you've ever had taken,
but to completely spoil you for a day. We want your day to feel like a trip to the spa...
which is why all our branding sessions end with an IN-HOME MASSAGE!





"As someone who has to take a lot of photos and really doesn't enjoy that process, Maile was a life-changer and saver for me. She has that unique ability to capture your spirit in a beautiful, fun, and real way. Her authenticity and "realness" brings out yours!"

Dr. Brene Brown
Research Professor, World Renowned Speaker
New York Times #1 Best Selling Author

What people are saying...

"I am thrilled with the photos! You did an amazing job and were so easy and fun to work with!"

Eva Longoria

"Your sessions are magic. They help me see myself again through new eyes. They're a needed reminder of who I am and who I can be. It's like therapy except without all the crying."

Jenny Lawson
New York Times #1 Best Selling Author

"When I look back at the pictures from our shoots, I can see that Maile has captured the "spirit" of my life... you can actually see how much I love what I do, the fun I have... it jumps right out of the picture at you!"

Shelly Miles
Award-winning Journalist
Host of The San Antonio Living Show

"Working with Maile is an absolute delight. Not only is she an amazing professional, but has the innate ability to capture the essence of what my business is all about. Working with Maile is always a fun and successful experience."

Diane Gottsman
National Etiquette Expert, Author
Founder of The Protocol School of Texas

"Maile is a mythical magical creature that has a supernatural talent for photography! If you need photos, SHE is your girl! She will make your photos look like works of art!"

Jamie Martin
Award-winning TV and Radio Host

"'The only way to do great work is to love what you do'. This is something I've always believed in as it applies to my own career. But then I see talent like this and I'm reminded how some people are just gifted, and with what seems like no effort (I know how hard she really works) - creates genius. I have a big project in the works and needed updated pictures, both professionally and of my kids, and Maile nailed it. In a world where websites and images become our first impression of companies, brands, referrals, etc. - I think it's so important to have a great first impression, and also to be real. And a photographer who can capture the essence of whatever you are trying to portray - that's TALENT!"

Katy Mimari
Award-winning Designer and Founder
Caden Lane and Nursery Couture