Want to save even more than $1000 per session? Ask about the Yearly Package. As someone who is the face of your brand, let’s face it – having your photos done is ON-GOING. Don’t be the person who is posting photos of yourself in that same sweater for the 3rd year in a row! My […]

Some favorites from another branding session when I was in San Francisco a while back. Ellen is an incredibly talented Interior Designer. She primarily works in the Bay Area. But I think she also consults with clients everywhere. It was so much fun being inspired by the beautiful way she puts things together, and being […]

I’ve known Natalie for years, but had the pleasure of getting to know her better a few weeks ago at her session. Y’all, this girl is incredible. She left a high level executive position a while back, and has created an empire helping other businesses to grow. She’s a straight-talker and a wealth of information, […]

Some favorites from my shoot in Pittsburgh with another amazing client. Jamie Michelle is a happiness coach, body image specialist and spiritual healer with almost a decade of experience in the fitness and health industry. She is a master of the non-diet approach to health coaching and has been a fitness professional for over 8 […]

Some favorites from my session in Nashville with Corinne Crabtree. This session can be filed under yet another day of I can’t believe this is my job. And I can’t believe the incredible humans I get to meet as a result. If you don’t know her story, she lost 100 pounds a wile back and […]

I was saying to a friend yesterday, that I feel kind of selfish having this job. Because it’s literally an excuse to meet the most interesting women, who I’d want to hang out with outside of work any day of the week. And this shoot with beautiful Daniela a few months back, was no different. […]

*SCROLL BELOW FOR FREE STOCK PHOTOS!* The struggle is real when it comes to creating content for social media! This is why I created the Personal Branding Experience, to not only include over 100 photos (usually closer to 200!). My goal is not for you to just update your headshot on linkedIn, but to have […]

Can I get a shout out for meeting friends online? I know I have met some of the best people, and made long lasting friendships that started as a comment on a blog or in a facebook group. Well, that’s how Melody and Lee met, too! And being in the same industry, they also started […]

A little behind the scenes peek, so you can see some of what’s included in The Branding Experience! The day always starts off with a little champagne and/or coffee + a light breakfast… Then hair and makeup! In this case, Melody and Lee booked their sessions together – which is basically the smartest idea ever! […]

Lee Chaix McDonough – (besides being obviously adorable!) – has a 15 year background as a social worker, therapist and ICF-certified coach. She helps coaches and therapists who want to serve their clients, learn the skillset and mindset of being a successful entrepreneur who is both effective and empathetic. In her words, “I know the […]