Worldwide Branding Photography – Lee Chaix McDonough

Mar 27, 2019

Lee Chaix McDonough – (besides being obviously adorable!) – has a 15 year background as a social worker, therapist and ICF-certified coach. She helps coaches and therapists who want to serve their clients, learn the skillset and mindset of being a successful entrepreneur who is both effective and empathetic.

In her words, “I know the particular flavor of frustration that comes with a one-step-forward, two-steps-back approach to building a practice from the ground up. I’ve experienced the ugly mix of anger and hopelessness that comes with taking on a turnkey practice that’s not turnkey at all, and is instead a giant rat’s nest of legal, financial and ethical issues. I’ve lived through it all, come out on the other side, and now I help other healing professionals do the same.”

Lee is based in New Bern, North Carolina, but works with clients worldwide!

Hair: @mrs.e.5  Crystal Estrada

Makeup: Jennifer Canales



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