Personal Branding Photography: Natalie Gingrich, the Ops Boss

Jun 11, 2019

I’ve known Natalie for years, but had the pleasure of getting to know her better a few weeks ago at her session. Y’all, this girl is incredible. She left a high level executive position a while back, and has created an empire helping other businesses to grow. She’s a straight-talker and a wealth of information, with the chops to back it up. If you’re struggling in any area of your business, or just want to take it to the next level, she can help you do that and more. Cannot say enough about this inspiring lady.

In her words:

“You’re ready to massively explode your business. I’m your Chief of Staff. Let’s do this. When you’re working like the manager and not the CEO of your business, it’s had to feel the success you crave. You’re exhausted. And frustrated. This isn’t why you started a business right? You wanted to feel freedom and success. Let’s get back to that. Regardless of the age and stage of your business, I will move you away from stress into success.”

Want to work with Natalie? CLICK HERE.

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