Want to save even more than $1000 per session? Ask about the Yearly Package. As someone who is the face of your brand, let’s face it – having your photos done is ON-GOING.

Don’t be the person who is posting photos of yourself in that same sweater for the 3rd year in a row! My smartest clients save almost 50% on each session by planning quarterly shoots throughout the year!

Speaking of smarties, here are a few shots from one of my favorites, Corinne Crabtree. Remember her last shoot in Nashville in April? She booked for a year, and never has to worry about repeat-sweater syndrome again! 🙂

Some from her latest session in Vegas. She treated her whole team to a little VK, while celebrating that her husband had recently joined her amazing team. If you don’t know Corinne, she’s simply one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met. Equal parts bad-ass and heart. And if you’ve ever struggled with weight loss, run-don’t-walk to listen to her podcast . She’s helping millions of women all over the world, but is as down to earth, smart and funny as it gets.

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