Host of San Antonio Living – Shelly Miles


My friend Shelly is the host of San Antonio Living. One of the things that makes her so beloved in our city is that she’s so real and approachable. So we thought it would be fun to show a little behind the scenes of her getting ready for the show. We’re working on a whole re-brand for her, to showcase all of the speaking she does. This will include a new website, which is a service I haven’t posted about yet because I’m still building the portfolio. It turns out that years of doing my own sites and branding, led to an accidental learning and loving of all things design. That paired with my love of supporting people who are passionate about their work = my happy place!







If you need new branding photos, check out my Travel Schedule. Or send me an email for a location request so we can make something work. xoxo Maile

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