Speaker and Entrepreneur – Christina Tinker


I spent a couple of days in Richmond for a branding session with my friend Christina. She left the corporate world when she had twins, and moved there several years ago. It seemed like she wasn’t there five minutes until she had launched the Richmond Mom’s Blog, was speaking everywhere and hosting huge events. Which is more than I can say for myself when we moved to San Antonio and I basically stared out the window friend-less for six months! Anyway, she recently sold her blog, and is primarily focused on speaking to corporations, schools, and all kinds of organizations about how to connect using our individual stories. It was a joy to connect with her again, to be inspired by another lady doing cool things in this world.

If you’re interested in a Branding Session, let me know. Pricing includes travel. Pricing ALSO includes a MASSAGE at the end of your day, which to my knowledge, is the only way to have a spa day be a tax deduction! 🙂

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